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Green Solutions International SKN Incorporated is a non-governmental organization and a premier provider of green energy solutions across the Caribbean.

About Us

Green Solutions International SKN Incorporated is a non-governmental organization and a premier provider of green energy solutions across the Caribbean. Our core focus is being a catalyst for clean energy growth, adoption, and investment across the region. We are driven by a deep focus on our mission to help countries to become 100% sustainable through innovation, education, workforce training, and clean energy development.

Services We Provide

Through the services we provide, our aim is to fill the gaps in knowledge and infrastructure that come with such a complex but worthwhile science. These services target three areas essential for an effective flow of information in businesses and cities at large.

Policy Makers and Government Officials: We host pre-scheduled workshops aimed at teaching policy makers and government officials the key factors involved in the successful deployment of a renewable energy system. Factors like finance, required natural and technical resources, design implementation and international best practices which are foundation elements in securing the future of green energy.

Institutional Capacity Building

We work closely with the private sector and government agencies throughout the Caribbean to ensure that the programs and training opportunities we offer will lead to certificates and credentials that employers want.

Workforce Development

Our Train-the-trainer programs incorporate comprehensive educational elements on clean energy technologies including how to train technicians and operators, for the sustainable installation operation and maintenance of renewable energy systems.

Electric Vehicles

We have partnered with EINTAC, an IMI approved EV training provider to bring an international, accredited certification program for mechanics and emergency responders, to the Caribbean.

Photovoltaic Installation

Companies and consumers alike trust the NABCEP brand because it represents knowledge, skills, and abilities that exceed the baseline expectation. We have a team of certified installers, inspectors, and designers.

Online Learning

With a notable surge in web-based learning, why should green Ed Tech be left behind? At GSI we believe that education about sustainable energy should be just as accessible as any subject and skill training.

  • Instructional Support from Live Instructors
  • Online Forums and Discussions
  • Streaming Video Lectures
  • Engaging Exercises and Lab Video Examples
  • Testing of Your Technical Knowledge
  • Help-desk Technical Support

Our Portfolio

Our NABCEP Program

Clean energy tech is a sweet science.

It is its own world of innovation, with engineers, physicists, chemists, environmentalists and many more coming together to bring us the foremost in sustainable energy systems. This technology, as it continues to be adapted, will ultimately usher us into a future where the earth runs on renewable energy. At GSI, we are committed to ensuring this vision for the future, by being the educational bridge between the technicians, people, and policy makers of the world

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