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Online Learning

With a notable surge in web-based learning, why should green Ed Tech be left behind? At GSI we believe that education about sustainable energy should be just as accessible as any subject and skill training. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to create this learning portal where interested applicants can enroll, attend, and get certified.

Imagine having your NABCEP Associate Certificate, or your Systems Inspector Certification training program with you, no matter where you are. From your laptop to your tablet or even your smartphone, you can access all your learning schedules, materials, and resources.

Some of the Features of This Learning Portal Include

Live Support From Instructors

As the online education revolution continues, one of the greatest complaints is lack of support. This is something we at GSI seek to remedy using our live interactive instructions for support, with the same teachers who also lead in-person sessions.

Online Forums and Discussions

A large part of the success of any educational system is the peer-based learning that occurs in natural discussions. We understand this, which is why our online forums are a place where learners are able to access information, interact with online instructors, and ask important questions that help to facilitate a better understanding of the material.

Video Lectures and Lab Examples

Our recorded lectures, laboratory practicals and even field trips, are available for later reference for all our courses. In order to assist in the campaign for a cleaner planet, accessible information about clean energy is necessary and having video recordings is our way of taking accessibility one step further.

Laboratory Exercises

Here at GSI we’re not just committed to ensuring our learners have a theoretical grasp of energy technologies. Our goal is to equip every student with practical skill and understanding of the mechanics, that’s why our lab exercises are designed to provide guided activities in preparation for real-world experience.

Tests and Quizzes

Learning becomes an easier process when students are able to self-check. That’s exactly why our tests and quizzes are a key part of our learning ecosystem, where learners can see exactly where they might be lacking or where they are excelling and adjust accordingly.

Help-Desk Technical Support

Our designated help desk team is here to support and assist our students with any and all technical, computer and internet related issues.

NABCEP Board Certifications

NABCEP Board Certifications are earned by demonstrating your training, experience, and passing a rigorous exam. Board Certifications positively impact your career by giving you:

  • Increased marketability
  • Validation of knowledge
  • Enhanced reputation, credibility, and consumer confidence

GSI Solar PV Course Offerings

The NABCEP Associate Credential

The major function of the NABCEP Photovoltaic Associate Program is identifying individuals who have obtained the knowledge of the fundamental principles of the application, design, installation, and operation of grid-tied and battery-based Photovoltaic (PV) systems. The course will provide participants with the fundamental knowledge to become a PV technician and with the skills to build, operate and maintain PV systems safely and efficiently. This 40-hour course covers PV topics including: markets and applications, safety basics, electrical basics, solar energy fundamentals, module fundamentals, system components, system sizing and principles, and system electrical design.

Price: $1450.00

Systems Inspectors Certification

A Photovoltaic System Inspector (PVSI) is responsible for inspecting residential and commercial photovoltaic systems. They provide inspection services for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), utilities, state incentive programs, and financing companies. A PVSI is familiar with PV systems and knowledgeable of applicable codes and ordinances and is tasked with assessing the safety and operation of a PV system. They verify code compliance via interpretation of design plans and building documents, conduct onsite inspections, and report results.

Price: $1650.00

Photovoltaic Installation Professional Certification

This is the highest level of certification in the solar PV industry. This certification shows that you have the ability to properly specify, adapt, implement, configure, install, inspect, and maintain any type of photovoltaic system, including gridconnected and stand-alone systems that meet the performance and reliability needs of customers in the United States and Canada. Complete 58 solar PV training hours; 40 of which must be advanced level.

Price: $1650.00

NABCEP's PV Commissioning & Maintenance Specialist (PVCMS)

Board Certification highlights your expertise in the areas of operation, maintenance and commissioning. It spotlights your ability to apply verification protocols, critically analyze systems and implement preventive and corrective maintenance procedures for PV systems. A minimum of twenty-four (24) prescribed hours of advanced training is required. Each candidate must have: 18 hours of advanced PV commissioning and maintenance specialist Job Task Analysis (PVCMS JTS) and 6 hours of National Electric Code (NEC).

Price: $1500.00

A course on the National Electric Code

This course is intended for PV System Inspectors, Installers and Designers and covers Photovoltaics combined with Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and the 2017 National Electric Code (NEC). This is the best way to prepare for and pass the NABCEP PV System Inspector Certification Exam and it is also an excellent way for PV Inspectors to understand how the NEC applies to Solar + Storage and how to properly inspect systems.

Price: $290.00

18 hour PV Boot camp

Electricians, Contractors, or Career-Changers: learn the fundamentals of solar PV systems and learn from an expert. You’ll have access to an expert instructor, lecture videos and other useful resources. This course DOES NOT qualify you to sit for the PV Associate exam. If you want to be able to take the PV Associate Exam you would need to take our full 40 hr. course. NABCEP will only accept applications for the PV Associate exam from students who have completed that course specifically.

Price: $750.00

Best Practices For Resilient Solar PV Design

Solar Under Storm Part I: Designing Hurricane Resilient PV Systems discuss the root cause of ground-mounted PV system failures from hurricanes and describes recommendations for building more resilient solar PV power plants.

Solar Under Storm Part II: Select Best Practices for Resilient Roof-Mount PV Systems with Hurricane Exposure, develop and written with the Clinton Climate Initiative and FCX solar, does the same with roof-mounted PV systems. It proves that rooftop solar PV can be made resilient at little additional cost.

Price: FREE


Clean energy is meant to provide our future generation the opportunity to experience a cleaner planet. With more renewable sources of power and more energy tech like solar, spreading around the world; the demand for well-trained professionals is on a rise. We offer a variety of robust training services that include but are not limited to:

Solar PV Training

Our photovoltaic training program is meant to create proficient students, with an understanding of the value of pv as one of the most fast growing and inexhaustible sources of renewable energy. With this training, professionals who install PV have a chance to increase their capacity to administrate PV systems in a way that complies with the global benchmark. The training we offer is not just excellent, it is the highest standard.

Electric Vehicle Training

Electric Vehicle training – We have partnered with EINTAC, an IMI approved EV training provider to bring an international, accredited certification program for mechanics and emergency responders, to the Caribbean. As a member of the global network, we are able to offer a range of qualifications, accreditations, and quality assured programs with support from the Institute of Motor Industry. You can choose from our Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 courses below and begin working towards IMI Certified Qualifications for working safely on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

– Level 1 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Awareness.
– Level 2.1 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Hazard Management.
– Level 2.2 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Routine Maintenance.
– Level 3 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement.

Evaluation of Environmental Impact Assessments

Here students will learn how to appraise and analyze the predicted outcomes or effects that development projects will have on the environment. As the earth continues to change, less and less are we able to afford development or urbanization at the cost of the environment. The cost for such developments are likely to require repayment sooner than later, and so this course is meant to increase the literacy of developers when it comes to adverse and positive effects they might reap with any given project.

OSHA 10-Hour Construction

Our OSHA 10-Hour Construction course is part of the OSHA Outreach training program. The course is delivered 100% online and upon successful completion, you will receive an official DOL OSHA 10-Hour Construction Completion Card.