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Clean energy tech is a sweet science.

Clean energy tech is a sweet science. It is its own world of innovation, with engineers, physicists, chemists, environmentalists and many more coming together to bring us the foremost in sustainable energy systems. This technology, as it continues to be adapted, will ultimately usher us into a future where the earth runs on renewable energy. At GSI, we are committed to ensuring this vision for the future, by being the educational bridge between the technicians, people, and policy makers of the world.

Our Services

Through the services we provide, our aim is to fill the gaps in knowledge and infrastructure that come with such a complex but worthwhile science. These services target three areas essential for an effective flow of information in businesses and cities at large.

Policy Makers and Government Officials

We host pre-scheduled workshops aimed at teaching policy makers and government officials the key factors involved in the successful deployment of a renewable energy system. Factors like finance, required natural and technical resources, design implementation and international best practices which are foundation elements in securing the future of green energy. Our workshops strategically created within the context of and reference to case studies and other new emerging information in the global clean energy systems space.

Training the Trainers

This vocational training program ranges from a short 2-5 day stint to several weeks in the case of the intensive programs meant for specialized areas. All training sessions deal with educating more advanced practitioners like technicians and operators within institutions. By equipping them with extensive hands-on training, applied technical learning experiences such as lectures and laboratories and demonstration; GSI intends to fully prepare the people you trust to manage and operate your renewable energy systems. Our aim is to make sure that those we depend on to be the experts, have a keen and informed understanding of sustainable installation, operation and maintenance of renewable energy systems.

Workforce Development

This is a key aspect of our service offerings where we work closely with both the private sector as well as government agencies within the Caribbean, in order to gradually create a system of checks and balances based on valid, trustworthy certification, and credentials. There is evidence that shows that industries benefit greatly in terms of increased marketability, consumer confidence, enhanced reputation, and more, when backed by the credibility of certification. GSI has the advanced expertise of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, as well as a curriculum officially approved by the North American Board of Certified Practitioners (NABCEP). The know-how from this course prepares students to successfully pass the NABCEP Associate Certificate course and more. Through our partnerships with various institutions, funding agencies and organizations  we are able to train and certify people across the length and breadth of the Caribbean. A NABCEP credential has validity that can be presented and accepted globally and these certifications not only help consumers to track and appreciate those professionals who have a good grasp on the requisite skills, it’s also a way for employers to be sure candidates are right for possible vacancies. Here at GSI we’re invested in facilitating the regulation and evolution of the green energy industry, and securing workforce development plays and integral role towards that goal

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